High Quality Surgical Instruments

OPTIMAL DESIGN - Thin and flexible shanks, give well-balanced instruments and the optimum of sensibility.

OWN FACTORY - Total control of the production, from raw material to the finished surgical instrument.


FORGING - Swedish high quality steel and traditional drop forging, guarantees an optimal strength and structure.


SS-EN ISO 9001:2008 and CE - Approval for the highest quality demand of today and for the future.


In the year 1808 Olof Heljestrand started his business which grew rapidly. Already in 1822 a large number of razors, scissors and surgical instruments were manufactured and there were 32 employees. The fast expansion was, however, a disturbing factor for the authorities and they denied him space to expand where he wanted.


At the world exhibitions in Paris 1855, Stockholm 1866, Bogotá 1875, Philadelphia 1876, Chicago 1883, Paris 1900 & 1937, C.V. Heljestrands razors and fine steel products were acknowledged.


C.V. Heljestrand still manufactures surgical instruments with the highest precision, where quality and customer adaptation are key words. A winning concept for over 200 years!


The factory has control over the whole production line, from raw material to finished product. The best steel quality and strong craftmanship give us well balanced instruments with the right function, sensitivity and longevity. The instruments are certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2008 and are of course CE-marked.